2016 Alta Motors Electric Bike Review: The Surprising Strength


You may not believe the 2016 Alta motors electric bike review, considering that you have probably heard about the reputation of the electric bike. What comes to mind, after all? A bicycle with an electric motor and its ability to let you free of the manual work? Well, you need to remember that the electric bicycle and electric motorcycle are two different things so when we are talking about Alta products, we are talking about the electric motorcycle.


About the Bike

One thing for sure about Redshift electric motorcycle is that it is quite different from any dirt bike you have seen, met, or ridden before. Based on the 2016 Alta motors electric bike review, this bike has some of the positive expectations and power without overdoing the overall construction and design.


When you see the bike, the first thing that comes to mind is always about the shifter and the clutch. You are probably going ‘Where are they?’ before you finally realize, oh right, they aren’t there because it is an electric motorcycle. It takes a while to get used to it but once you are already getting used to it, you will forget that they ever need such a thing! When riding this bike, you won’t have to worry about whether you are using the right gear or whether you are slipping on the clutch. The absence of those two things can be quite wonderful – giving you a sense of peace so you can really focus on your ride.

Alta motors electric
Alta motors electric

Based on 2016 Alta motors electric bike review, when fully charged, this electric bike can last for around an hour when the track is medium to fast, making you move at the average of 30 mph. The bike can only last for 30 minutes on the motocross track. Instead of the bar pad, you will see a kind of ‘dashboard’ that informs you the battery life, map position, and also speed. The bike has four different maps, and you can change it with a simple press of the button, located on the left area of the bar. Map one is handy when you want to get accustomed to the bike, helping you react to the throttle input. Don’t underestimate the throttle power, mind you, because there is nothing light or unimportant for this arrangement. In fact, test riders who have used this map said that the power feels linear and it gives a smooth outcome, almost similar to a four stroke engine. Quite impressive, eh?


Based on 2016 Alta motors electric bike review, the map two is somewhat more powerful and punchier. It gives a boost of power from a stop and yet it also keeps a minimum rear wheel spin. Map three is definitely giving out more power with harder acceleration but it is also able to control and retain the traction, whether it is in dry or slippery condition. This map three is super nice for fast trail race. It creates a fun sensation for rocky and bumpy situation but still able to deliver fast and snappy throttle power. Map four is super impressive when it comes to power. It is able to transfer solid power to the rear wheel as well as handling the raw power to the ground unit. The overall experience is very nice and very comfortable, thanks to the absence of shifter and clutch. The bike itself is able to deliver constant hard pulling from zero to 72 mph (the top speed), which makes the overall riding experience nice and accommodating. For some people, the power of this Redshift can be compared to those of 250F. It should be interesting to compare them side by side, to see how they are similar and how they are different.


It is unique that Redshift is somewhat heavier on the overall construction when compared to 250F. With 250 pounds of weight, Redshift is definitely not a light bike. But once you set out to the field, the weight doesn’t seem to affect the overall performance of the unit. Because there is no gyro effect and there is no rotating mass, the bike feels quite light and nimble, which affects the rider’s confidence in handling and managing the bike. Can you make direction change with minimal input? Why not? After all, that’s why the Redshift is created from the first place.

Alta motors electric
Alta motors electric

If there is a downside, it is not about the engine or performance, but mostly about the sound. It isn’t bad but it does take time to get yourself used to it. Somehow, the sound of the internal combustion will be made louder on this bike, making you feel as if there were something wrong with it. The test riders had to pull off several days because they thought they had a flat tire. They didn’t feel funny on the tires, but because the tires sound flat and hollow. After reading this 2016 Alta motors electric bike review, hopefully, you have the idea of what kind of performance you can expect from Redshift.

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