5 Dirt Bike Names from Known and Unknown Brands


In this dirt riding industry, knowing some of best the dirt bike names will help you make better decisions about which bike to choose and which bike to avoid. There is no such thing as right or wrong in choosing a brand, really. What we have is the chemistry between you and the vehicle, as well as personal preference and like.

Be advised, though, that some of these names may seem odd – or you have never heard of them before. If you have been familiar with names like KTM, Husqvarna, or Yamaha, be prepared to hear some of the other brands. No need to worry. These names aren’t the dubious Chinese qualities with lousy manufacturing abilities. In this vast and wide world, some small companies may not get the global spotlight but they exist and they have proven to have high quality productions.

Some of the Biggest Names

Let’s get started with some of the best dirt bike names with their quality productions. There is Bultaco, the Spanish manufacturer that was founded in 1958. The company may no longer produce the two stroke dirt bike with air cooled and single cylinder arrangement anymore since 1983, but their reputation remains. In the USA, the name is popularly known for the Pursang 250cc, the offroad racing option. It is a good thing that the company was given another chance in 2014 where they started developing offroad electric bikes. Their newest products are built with Brinco platform, with the unique design – look like a hybrid in between trial bike and big mountain bike.

Pursang 250cc
Pursang 250cc

Another one is Montessa, which is actually quite popular in the racing industry. This company was set up in Spain back then in 1944 and the company has managed to show good performance in this industry – whether for the on and offroad scene. They manage to gain popularity in enduro events and also competitions. After the owner split, the company focuses on the trial-oriented and offroad machines.  However, the economy got worse in 1980s and Montessa had to struggle to survive. It was a good thing that Honda saved it. For now, Montessa is still able to produce the best dirt bikes but sold with Honda labels on them.

More Names

Gas Gas is probably other dirt bike names that you have never heard, but this is another Spanish company responsible for producing high quality and also quality dirt bikes. They have produced the top-notch enduro and trial bikes since 1985. They have Catalonian factory where they produce the bikes – and most of the productions are made by hands. One of the most popular lines is the EnduroGP.

Husqvarna is another name in the industry that is often associated with high quality products and powerful lineups. Not many people know that the company has been producing bikes since 1903. Since this company is working together with KTM, they are getting more productive with good (and reliable) outcome too. Cutting edge technologies are used. They are even developing a new two stroke fuel injection engine that may have transformed the industry for two stroke products. One of the most favorable lines is Enduro 701.

Enduro 701
Enduro 701

Another name is Scorpa, a French dirt bike manufacturer. They managed to produce trial bikes, and their first production was in 1993, when they developed two stroke one cylinder Rotax engine. After financial hardship, Sherco bought the company, making Scorpa now one of the producers for four and two strokes enduro and trial bikes. They are mostly known for the unique and hardcore trial bikes.

Those are some of the names known for their quality. They may not get the global spotlight but they are definitely producing dirt bike names that are associated with premium ability.


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