6 Awesome Dirt Bikes Brands that Are Popular in the Industry


There are some of the awesome dirt bikes names and products that are often associated with quality and craftsmanship. After all, tackling and controlling the dirt bikes require extra skills and abilities. Although the rider may have the ability, it takes a really good quality product to excel in the industry. If the product itself is lousy or the construction is too complicated, it will give difficult times for the riders instead of helping them

The Best Brands

When we are talking about the awesome dirt bikes, we are talking about reliability. These are some names of the most trusted, reliable, and high quality brands in the industry. The first one is Rieju, a Spanish company that was founded in 1934 but started making motorbikes in 1947. The first production was a moped with 40cc producing one hp of power. Since then, they have managed to create superior bikes that show good performance during European enduro events. The Marque was one of the most popular variants in the 1980s. in 2011, the company created a partnership with Yamaha. It the near future, you may hear some of their products coming with Yamaha machines. One of the most popular lines is Pro Marathon 200.

Pro Marathon 200
Pro Marathon 200

Hyosung is another name that may not be as popular as other brands, but they do produce high quality dirt bikes. The company has been around since 1978, but they gain more attention and popularity since they produce bigger bikes with lower price. Motor cross and dirt bike riders like the big but durable and reliable machines, such as Hyosung RT, Hyosung GT, Hyosung GV650, and Hyosung GD. Despite the big construction, the bikes have flexible and also lightweight feature. Hyosung may have started their popularity in Asia, but they are definitely expanding to North America and Europe.

Have you ever heard about Maico? This is probably one of the oldest brands ever existing. The company was founded in 1926 and they started developing their own lines. In the middle of the 1950s, the company started making scooters with two stroke system. No wonder if Maico Endura and Maico Motocross are the popular names in European and American market. The dirt bikes are mostly known for the quality construction, impressive fuel economy, good speed, excellent acceleration, and also reasonable price. After all, many riders appreciate new brands as well as those classic names.

You probably have heard about KTM, especially with their newest creation and stylish designs. Although this Austrian company is relatively new and young (they started in 1992), they have managed to show good performance. They are mostly known for unusual and unique designs, powerful engine, and also innovative technologies. When you buy a product from this line, you can be sure that it will look handsome and good looking from different kinds of angles. No wonder if they make awesome dirt bikes only.

Further Brands

Beta follows the list as the specialty manufacturing company located in Italy. Beta started making bikes in 1948 and they have managed to create premium quality products. They manage to create bikes with unique features, unusual style, and perfect design. Beta is mostly known for premium quality bikes, focusing on impressive suspension and great balance.

DR650 Japanese
DR650 Japanese

Suzuki is another name joining the line. Who doesn’t know this Japanese manufacturer that isn’t only producing motorbikes but also cars? The company produces exceptional dirt bikes with impressive qualities – DR650 and DRZ400 are the examples.

Those are just several names in the industry. Of course, there are still other brands out there, but the names before have been associated with quality, performance, and reliability. What do you think about these awesome dirt bikes?


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