Dirt Riders riding videos Easter 2011
Here at Dirt Riders we have a bit of a tradition going of having a big camp out and riding adventure every Easter. The weather is normally pretty good, the trails are in good condition and good fun is had by all. This year was no exception and the guys that went all had a blast. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to this one, and from the footage and reports they bought back, it seems I missed a good one.

We had a wide range of bikes turn up for the fun, from the YZ, KX, and CR 250's to little 50's, 65's and even a KTM 85 big wheel. We even had a couple of quads (ATV's) turn up for part of the time.

Here are 6 videos from the weekend for your enjoyment. I'll be adding more over the next few weeks as I get them edited. Enjoy!
First up is one of the crew showing off his mad skillz with some catwalking. This'll be me, someday... maybe...
Here's a few of the guys riding in the rain. This is the first time we've had rain here since we got the new GoPro cameras, so it was interesting to see how they went. It was also a great ride with a mix of steep and windy terrain. A new Dirt Rider on a KTM 85 big wheel started his initiation on this trip, there's more footage of him to come.
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Here our KTM85 rider encounters an angled log cross for the first time and doesn't square it up enough. I'm sure he'll remember next time.
Here's 2 videos of the next generation of Dirt Riders in action. They started off slow but they all went hard in the end. No injuries but we did have a lot of worn-out kids by the end of the weekend.
A few of the guys brings their dogs out to our events sometimes, and at least one of them has become addicted to being roosted! Check out the end of this goon-session video for the famous 'Roost Loving Dog'.
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