Dirt Riders videos from February 2011
It's been too hot to do much riding lately, but we've managed to get a day in here and there.

We recently converted / corrupted a road bike rider and introduced him to the joys of dirt bike riding. He's bought himself a 2007 KTM250SX (long live 2 strokes!) and he makes his first appearance on the Dirt Riders site in the videos below.

As he's only learning, we're going to get him fitted up with a GoPro camera and we expect to get some good crash footage put of him!
The new Dirt Rider's very first trail ride. Riding his 250SX KTM. He did well, but a few minor fall downs and stalls were only to be expected.
Here's one of the crew having a bit of a muck-around after getting back from a ride. There's a few of us Dirt Riders that are keen on learning the super sexy slow catwalk wheelie.
This ride was going well, but we decided to take a quick trip through a pine forest, for a bit of a change. It wasn't quite the type of adventure we were looking for...
Some more mucking around at the bush camp, this time from an on-board perspective. I guarantee that if we keep at it long enough, we will learn to wheelie. Eventually. Probably.
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