Gnangara Off Road Vehicle Area

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Gnangara off-road area details
The Gnangara Off Road Vehicle Area (ORVA) as shown in the map is bordered by Gnangara Road, Centre Way Way, Gironde Road, Silver Road, Trainor Road and Leiria Road.

Being an official ORV, any vehicle can use the area, as long as they have at least an off-road registration. In practice, many of the dirt bikes that use the area don't even have that, but users can be fined if they are caught.

Gnangara (also known as simply 'The Pines') is widely used by vast numbers of people, especially on weekends and public holidays. It's not a place for the faint-hearted, and we Dirt Riders avoid the area whenever possible.
The area is mostly sandy/limestone and is very rutted and cut-up. Even the access road into the area is almost impassable, so most of the riding tends to happen close to the entrance. Congestion around the entrance can be a real problem. The loose tracks can be difficult for smaller wheeled bikes and inexperienced riders, so it's not a good place for kids to ride, yet the tracks just aren't really exciting or challenging for a more experienced rider.

As well as the difficult surface, the area is peppered with exposed rocks, tons of tree stumps and half buried rubbish (up to and including cars). To top it all off, many inconsiderate/idiotic riders frequent the area and do anti-social things like fanging up and down the access track, wheelieing past people and riding without safety gear, which gives all dirt bike riders a bad name.

Really the only reason most people ride at Gnangara is that it's at least legal to do so (if you have Off-Road Registration), and there just aren't many places where we can do that anymore.

We recommend you avoid the area, at least on the busiest days, unless you are an experienced rider but if you do go, be careful and ride safely. Pinjar ORVA would probably be a (slightly) better choice though.
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