How to fit dirt bike grips
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How to fit dirt bike grips
Grips are what keeps us on our bikes, so they're pretty important pieces of kit. What's more, they're one of the cheapest parts to replace, yet we often see old, worn or just plain buggered grips on otherwise well maintained bikes. Why is this so common - because they can be really awkward to fit new ones. Unless you know what you're doing of course.

The first thing to do is remove your old grips. You can just grab them and peel them back, which turns them inside out. This should work for most grips, but before you try removing the old ones, make sure your bike doesn't have a factory molded throttle
Pro Taper Pillow Grips
Ok, assuming that yours has removable grips, if they are too difficult to peel back, get a sharp knife (stanley or something) and carefull slit each grip along it's length. Be extra careful when you do the throttle side - you don't want to damage the throttle tube.

Once the grips are off, clean the bars and the throttle tube thoroughly and inspect the throttle tube for damage. If there's any damage on it - replace it. Trust me, a stuck throttle is not something you want to experience. It always happens at the worst possible moment, and the consequences can be disasterous.

So, everything is clean and undamaged, and your bike is sitting there looking strangely naked without grips. Now comes the part that everyone dreads. You can purchase some glue for grips, it's called grip glue, but an excellent substitute is normal everyday hairspray. Don't try and put the grips on dry - it's almost impossible and will frustrate you for hours. It's also possible to tear your new grips just trying to get them on.

You spray the inside of the grip with hairspray, a decent amount but it doesn't have to be swimming in it, then simply push the grip on with a twisting motion. If you've cleaned up your bars well enough, you should have no problems putting the new grips on with one hand. Then simply straighten them if they've gotten twisted, and rotate them to the desired orientation. They'll slide so easily that you'll be convinced there's no way that they'll stay on.

Once both new grips are in place and aligned, you can just leave them for 24 hours or so for the hairspray to evaporate / harden and there shouldn't be any problems. If you do happen to get some water in there though, the remaining hairspray may re-liquify and the grips may come off. To combat this, we install grip wire to each grip, in the locations shown on the grip below.

You can get grip wire from your local bike shop, or even a hardware store, but the hardware store will call it tie wire or something similar. In each spot shown by an arrow on the picture below, wrap the wire around the grip twice and then twist the ends together to tighten the wire up. Once it's tight enough (don't tighten it that much that it cuts through the grip) clip the ends off so that about 1/4 inch or 6mm is left, then tuck that cut end deep into the grip so it doesn't catch your gloves. And that's all there is to it - the whole process including cleaning the bars should take maybe ten minutes, and it's that simple anyone can do it.
Fit the Grip Wire where shown above
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tube and grip assembly (some bikes do). If it does then you're going to have to get another factory assembly, or an aftermarket replacement tube only set up.
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