Lancelin Off Road Vehicle Area

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The Lancelin Off Road Vehicle Area (ORVA) is located about 100 km's north of Wanneroo.

The whole ORV is just sand and sand dunes, so if you're not a fan of sand riding then it's not the place for you.

Like all ORV areas, it is open to all bikes and quads, as well as 4x4's and buggies, as long as the vehicle has at least off-road registration. Apart from that, you don't even need a license so kids can ride here as well.

Being just a huge expanse of sand, there are few tracks and mostly you can go wherever you please, but this can lead to accidents. You need to keep a good
Another danger, especially for newcomers to the dunes, is that the dunes are constantly moving and being eroded by the wind. Riders and drivers by the hundereds have discovered all too late that the back of the gentle sand dune they've been driving up is a sheer drop onto exposed rock. Even at relatively slow speeds this can be a dangerous, if not fatal, situation.

Over the years there have been many serious injuries and fatalities at the Lancelin ORV area, so please exercise caution if you ride there. Always check the back of any dune before riding over it, even if you rode over it yesterday, it may have changed overnight, and be mindful of the other vehicles tearing about as well.
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awareness of the vehicles around you at all time. It can be especially dangerous when vehicles approach each other from opposite sides of a blind crest. Dirt bikes always seem to lose these battles with 4x4's and buggies, so avoid them at all costs.
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