About the Dirt Riders Team
About the Dirt Riders crew
We're really just a loose bunch of guys with varying riding experience and lots of different bikes, who get together and enjoy the great outdoors. Strangely, most of us have varying degrees of facial hair as well... oh, and one dude has a Mohawk too (yup, it's me).

Mostly we ride 2 stroke MX bikes, ranging from 80's Hondas to late 2000's Yamahas. A couple of dudes ride road-trail 4 strokes, but they're really the outcasts of the bunch and we only talk to them when they catch up with us. Not really - we let them catch up, they're nice guys as well, just a little misguided is all...

No-one actually races MX, and none of us are professional riders at all, we have just got a fair bit of experience in dirt bike riding. Take our advice with a grain of salt and remember that what works perfectly well for us, may not work at all for you.

Also, being based in the sandy, rocky and dusty area of Western Australia, our terrain may be completely different to what you ride on, so be a little careful if you try out some of our techniques. Of course all our techniques are for informational purposes only, and should not be attempted by anyone. If you choose to act on our information, you do so at your own risk. If you succeed, and especially if you fail in a spectacular fashion, let us know so we can share the joy.

Enjoy your visit, really enjoy your riding and come back soon!
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