Air Tools Reviews
Air Tools Reviews
Air flange and punch tool
Rockworth Air Hose
Rockworth tire inflator
Air sheetmetal nibbler
Gravity sandblast gun
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Below is our collection of reviews on the various air tools that we recently added to our workshop collection. Although not all of them are used directly on our bikes, they're handy tools to have around for repairs on the trailers and vehicles that are so important for getting us and our gear out to the riding area. As always, if you've got something in mind that you'd like to see reviewed, drop us a line at
Air Flange & Punch Tool
A sheet metal tool mainly used for body repairs.

Rockworth Tire Inflator
A good tire inflator is a must have for any dirt bike enthusiast.

Gravity Sandblaster Gun
Sandblasting can be expensive to get done professionally. Read about this cheap DIY option.
Rockworth Air Hose
You've gotta have an air hose to run any air tool. See how this one stacks up.

Air Sheetmetal Nibbler
Another sheetmetal tool, this one for cutting.
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