Best Braking Techniques to Help Slow Down And Faster Acceleration


What’s so important about the best braking techniques to help slow down and faster? Well, it is all related, really. You are practicing an offroad activity, which means that you may have to deal with good balance, high speed, and different maneuvers. However, all of these won’t matter if you don’t know the proper and correct ways of braking. How are you going to stop your bike, anyway? How can you be sure about your safety if you can’t brake?

Speed and Brake

 Braking Techniques
Braking Techniques

The offroad activity is often related to the high speed. One thing that most riders do to increase their speed is to have more throttle, improve a better technique, and also increase the speed. But do you know that you can actually increase the riding efficiency and reduce the time with the (proper and also) best braking techniques to help slow down and faster? Not only it will help you with the safer riding, it will also improve your riding efficiency. Efficient braking will lead to better control, traction, and also turning.

It would be useless if you learn how to do fancy tricks and improve your speeds without actually knowing how to properly brake. You can’t just jump from your bike while it is still running, can you? And to be able to ride the bike without knowing how to stop it correctly would be careless and pointless. You should know that braking should come naturally as you learn how to control the bike. Only by doing so, your safety will be ensured.

The Initial Attempt

Before doing any fancy things and learning about the best braking techniques to help slow down and faster, you should know how to brake correctly from the start. So, how do you do it?

  • Whether you are sitting down or standing up, hit the brake with a balanced manner. Most people would be more comfortable doing it standing, though.
  • Focus on the weight – how it should be centered and rather leaned back. Believe it or not, it will absorb the bumpiness or shock.
  • Lock the bike with your knees – it would help keeping your balance tight
  • Apply both brakes together and don’t rely on just one of them. Although the front brake can help with the faster stop, if it goes too sudden or quickly, it will lock the entire bike and throw you forward. The same thing will happen when you depend on the rear brake only too
  • Downshift will help. Combined it with the application of pressing both front and rear brakes together. It is actually one of the best braking techniques to help slow down and faster

Some Advanced Braking Application

There are some possible scenarios where such an efficient braking can be quite handy. When you are going down the hill, use the rear brake slightly which will help decreasing your speed, along with better control and stability. Once you drops down the area, you can actually accelerate faster.

Advanced Braking Application
Advanced Braking Application

The same thing also applies to hill jumps. When you are giving more throttles to make the jump, try braking before you are set off on air. It helps a faster landing and better control – and you can set off right away once you land.

Brake Practicing

You may feel that brake practice isn’t important but it is super crucial to improve your skills, especially if you are sloppy enough. You should go and then stop, and then go and stop – over and over and over again until you are pretty comfy with your own condition. Only by doing so you can hone your skills and actually have a safer stopping technique. Knowing the best braking techniques to help slow down and faster won’t hurt especially if it relates to your safety.


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