Best Dirt Bikes for Kids Options and Candidates


When your kids are ready to start with their offroad journey, the best thing that you can do is to choose the best dirt bikes for kids. Yes, there are even some reliable variants for those small creatures. And just like the regular bikes for the adults, these kids’ bikes are professionally done and constructed, and they are absolutely safe. There are some of the possible candidates that can help you choose the safest bike. And naturally, they are coming from trusted and credible names.

Some Possible Candidates

One of the best dirt bikes for kids is the 6V Fun Wheels Battery Powered bike. It is perfect for kids under 6 years old with the maximum speed only around 3 km per hour (2 mph). If the kids use it non stop, the battery can last for an hour. Instead of the kickstart, the bike comes with a switch so turning it on and off is pretty simple. The thing to like about this variant is the available features for beginners. The training wheels, for a starter, will minimize the risk while boosting safety to the higher level. If your kids are in between 3 and 6 years old, this would be the perfect age range. Of course, it isn’t advisable that they are doing tricks – the bike is only perfect for them to ride around in the most ordinary manner. The pro is that it is not pricey although the con is the speed.

Electric MotoCross 6V Aosom
Electric MotoCross 6V Aosom

Another option is the Electric MotoCross 6V Aosom, which is coming with a switch. The maximum speed is around 2.5 mph and the battery will run out in 45 minutes when used non-stop. The bike is great for beginners and it comes with two training wheels. Just like the bike from the previous line, the speed can be quite slow but the price is a real bargain.

If your kids need more challenges, the Electric Twist-Grip MotoTec bike would be the perfect option. The maximum speed is around 16 mph and the cool thing is: it has three settings for the speed. When your kids first learn to ride, setting it on the lowest speed will help, reaching around 5 mph only. After they are used to the speed and the riding feel, they can step up to the medium setting, which reaches 10 mph. Such a feature is great for supporting progression without you having to spend more money to buy any faster bike. No wonder if this lie is included within the best dirt bikes for kids list. The speed setting is convenient and the tire construction is great for any terrain or land surface.

Further Options

Have you ever heard about Kuberb brand? It is a Czech brand and they have been making bikes since 2010. Surprisingly, their products are pretty impressive with great details, impressive performance, and also electric operation. One of them is the Electric Start Kuberg.  The design is probably small but it packs 15 mph. It is considered the perfect bike for kids who want to have challenges. The bike comes with different speed setting, so parents can have a safe monitoring without having to worry that their kids are injured. The only problem is that the bike is pretty pricey so those with the limited budgets should probably reconsider their options.

24V MX400 Razor
24V MX400 Razor

There are other options, falling in between age range of 5 to 12 years old. The 24V MX400 Razor can be your option, or the Cross 2016 Kuberg MX Bike. There is also 70cc Bike that is perfect for older children. Be sure that you choose wisely of the best dirt bikes for kids appropriate for their age range.

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