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How to jump a dirt bike
Jumping a Dirt Bike

Jumping a dirt bike is something every dirt bike rider attempts at some time or other. Whether they ever try it again depends largely on how the first jump goes.

As with everything you learn on a dirt bike, start small and spend a lot of time practising. It can be very dangerous to do jumps and you should always be careful. It's a lot more difficult than the guys on TV make it look.

A good rule of thumb, especially for beginners, is to always be standing on your pegs when you jump, with your weight in a neutral position as you leave the ramp. If you try a sit-down jump without knowing what you're doing, you're very likely to fly over the handlebars and have your bike land on top of you, even on a small jump. Trust me.
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Never jump your bike when you are alone. It's never really a good idea to ride alone either, but jumping can go so wrong, so quickly and you don't want to be laying around in pain, waiting for someone to notice you haven't come back and to come out looking for you. Of course you also need your full protective gear on as well, but you already knew that anyway.

Here are some instructional videos on how to go about learning to jump your dirt bike. Have fun, take it easy, and above all - be safe.
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