Karcher 2.36 pressure washer
Karcher pressure washer review
Karcher 2.36 Pressure Washer

We all know the easiest way to clean the grit, grime and blood off our dirt bikes is a pressure washer, but there are many brands and models to choose from. If you're considering buying a Karcher, the following is definitely worth a read.

The picture you can see is of my actual unit, and although it's not the best picture in world, you can probably tell the unit is looking a little faded and abused. What the picture doesn't show, is just how abused this unit is.

I originally purchased it for use in my handyman business, and it initially spent most of it's life travelling around in the back of my ute (pickup truck), exposed to the sun, wind and rain (if I forgot to bring it inside when rain was coming), and it handled it's duties well.

Once I wrapped up my handyman business, the wife and I
eventually got around to emptying the back of the ute, and we used my wheelbarrow to ferry load after load of stuff round the back and into the shed. The last load was just some retic pipe and bits and pieces of junk, so that load stayed in the wheelbarrow next to the shed. For 8 months. Over Winter.
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So I needed the wheelbarrow one day and of course it still had the junk in it, and it was completely filled with water (remember I mentioned Winter). I tipped all the stuff out and discovered the Karcher had been at the bottom of the wheelbarrow, completly submerged in water for months. Fairly upset at myself, I heaved the sodden Karcher onto a pile of junk next to the shed and went on with my life.

A full 2 years later and the trusty wife and I were running a trailer load of rubbish to the tip. As we were piling the stuff next to the shed onto the trailer, I uncovered the Karcher from where it had lain for so long. I was in the process of slinging it onto the load when I decided to test it - just in case. I plugged it in - and it made a noise! I hooked up the hose and turned it back on, and it worked flawlessly! At least 6 months completely submerged in water, a further 2 years in the sun, rain and dirt and it works as well as the day I bought it.

I can't guarantee that every Karcher unit will live up to this type of punishment, frankly I'm amazed that anything lived through it, but it's a testament to how well Karcher made this one that it survived the ordeal I put it through. It's now nearly a year since it came back from the dead, and it's still going strong.

As for an actual review of the Karcher 2.36, it's a fairly basic model pressure washer. It comes with 2 different lances (nozzles) but it doesn't have some of the features of the larger units. For instance, it doesn't have variable pressure adjustment, or a detergent reservoir and the pressure hose is a little short.

It is nice and light and compact, and you can purchase accessories to allow it to draw from a bucket, where you could put detergent in (I assume).

Although it may lack the bells and whistles of it's larger and more expensive cousins, the 2.36 is perfectly suited to cleaning a dirt bike. It has loads of pressure, yet used carefully it won't destroy your radiators or strip your paint. You do have to be careful abouth forcing water into bearings and pivot points, as well as your chain, but that's the same for all pressure washers - use them wisely.

As an added bonus, it has a thousand uses around the house, and it makes washing the car or 4x4 a breeze.

I'm extremely happy with mine and considering it's one of the cheaper units on the market, I believe any dirt biker would be happy with it.
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