Free 2 stroke mixture chart
Metric Fuel/Oil Mixture Chart
Imperial Fuel/Oil Mixture Chart
Download Imperial Mixture Chart PDF
Download Metric Mixture Chart PDF
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Having the correct fuel to oil mixture in a 2 stroke is vitally important to maximise performance and keep your engine in good condition. To help you mix your fuel in the correct ratio, we've made these handy mixture charts for you to use. They're available in both metric and U.S. formats and cover common ratios from 16 to 1 all the way up to 60 to 1.

You can either download the PDF's or just right click on the images and click 'Save As'. Then print them out, laminate them, throw them in your gear bag and you're good to go. Feel free to print out as many as you want and give them to your mates or re-use them as you like, but please leave the bit on the bottom about where they came from.

You can use them on a website as well, but again please leave the 'Dirt Riders' bit intact.
Note : We've checked and double-checked the figures on the charts, but we can't gaurantee there are no typos.
Metric Fuel/Oil Mixture Chart
Imperial Fuel/Oil Mixture Chart