Motorcross Jumping Position Understanding and Tips


What’s the importance of the motorcross jumping position, anyway? You are probably asking the question yourself, but it is more about the technicality that every rider should face when they want to make successful attempts doing the jumps. When you are out there, theories don’t apply – that’s for sure. So, feel free to learn about the existing theories but don’t let it bind or restrict you too much.

The Facts

Motorcross Jumping Position
Motorcross Jumping Position

You probably think that motorcross jumping position is mostly related to the different kinds of maneuvers and movements that riders make when they are jumping.  Well, there is no such a thing. Every rider is free to do any types of tricks, movements, or maneuvers without any strict guideline or regulation. As far as their body allow it, they are free to do any position they want.

However, it is more related to how the riders should prepare themselves and be concious about getting prepared for the jump. Yes, they are free to do any movement they desire, but knowing the correct body position or the right control of the throttle will definitely help. Again, this only acts as the guidance, so riders don’t always have to follow it. It’s not a regulation that should be met and addressed.

Handy Tips

When it comes to motorcross jumping position, there is no exact formula or method for everyone. Everyone has their own comfort level and preference, so to say that one method will work like a charm for different types of riders is such an understatement. However, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at some basic tips. It is basically about how to control your body and the position. It isn’t about the battle of power so you may want to be a little bit flexible on this.

motorcross jumping position
motorcross jumping position

First of all, focus on the body and its position. When you want to make the jump, it is advisable that you are either crouching or sitting because it will give you a better flexibility of the body control. Make sure that your body is located on the center. When you hit the ramp and you are going upward, stand up and try to control your position. Remember, once your bike is flying, you need to have a full control on how you want it to be. If you want your bike to remain level, or at least balanced, be sure that your body position is at the center – not too far forward or too far backward.

Now that you know that body movement is responsible for the jump, it’s time to move to the throttle control. When you have to throttle off the jump, meaning that it is accelerating off the jumping, it will keep the front side up. Basically, the more you do the throttle off, the less you will have to use the body movement to nudge back. It goes the other way around – when you chop it off when you rebound, the more likely that you will depend on the body movement.

The Final Conclusion

There are two most common issues that most riders have to face: they will have to make the jump with either the front end being too high or too low. Now you know the reason why. If you don’t use enough throttle, the front wheel becomes too low and you don’t move back as you should have while taking off. If you use too much throttle, the front end will be too high and you move back too much. Keep these things in mind so you can do various tricks, and you may get creative with the motorcross jumping position.


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