MX Training Programs for Better Nutrition And Exercise


What comes to mind when you hear about MX training programs? You probably think that the programs are related to the riding techniques or such thing alike, but it is more about your physique and fitness level. Believe it or not, even riders still need to focus on cardio exercises or weight lifting to improve their fitness level. Just because most riders are riding the bike, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to strengthen themselves.

The Common Mistakes

MX Training Programs
MX Training Programs

Riders and basketball players, for instance, are athletes. Their body works in a different way but they use the muscles and the body system just the same. Do you realize that you need to develop your strength so you can have a better control of the bike? Do you know that you also need to improve muscle mass for better agility and response? All of these are related to nutrition and also workout. Yes, even riders will still need to pay attention to what they eat and their workout programs.

Since the offroad sports are about control and it is pretty demanding, riders may need more carbs. Of course, the nutrition and intake should be balanced, meaning that they still need to consume fats and protein, but the portion of the carbs should be bigger. An offroad race will challenge the strength endurance. During the event, you will have to tackle the terrain and control the bike, which is similar to 40 minutes of cardio or metabolic conditioning. If you are weak and you don’t have any muscle strength, you won’t be able to be a good (and strong) rider.

Important Considerations

Body’s weight is super crucial in this sport. Just because you are light, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have the maximum strength. If you are light enough, you can race better. If you have better muscle mass and strength, it would be easier for you to control the bike. Why should you consume the carbs? Because the glucose inside the carbs will be used to feed off the muscles, instead of being stored as the fat. Basically, the rider’s diet will consist of 50 grams protein intake once every 3 hours, along with the same grams of carbs and also fats. The balanced diet is the key for the MX training programs.

MX Training Program with exercise
MX Training Program with exercise

So, what to include within the diet menu during the MX training programs? Sweet potatoes with white race, along with enough veggies and a little bit of fruits would make up the balanced diet. It isn’t advisable to consume corn, added sugar, whole grains, soy, or wheat products because they are bad for any athletes. When you want to consume protein, focus on duck, fish (that is wild caught), elk, chicken, beef, pork, turkey, bison, and also eggs containing omega 3. The fats should be coming from nuts, avocado, coconut, and butter.

Exercise and Workout

Let’s not forget that your physical aspect also affects the way you handle and control the bike. In this offroad sport, the forearm pump will be the major focus of success. If you can handle it, bigger chances that you will succeed. You will be dealing with constant shifting, braking, throttle, and control. Let’s not forget about turbulences either as they can test your endurance and strength. In your training program, you should include kettlebells, heavy deadlifts, dumbbells, grip strength, and pull-ups. Don’t forget about the lunges, squats, box jumps, weight lift, and back extension. You want to have firm and strong thighs, back, and core in the overall retrospect. If you are clueless about the whole thing and you don’t really know what to include in MX training programs, consult your doctor, nutritionist, and trainer.


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