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This is our news page where we'll announce anything with any importance going on in our dirt bike world. From up-coming rides, special events, competitions or run downs of our latest exploits - it'll all be here.

We'll be installing a new Graphics kit in the next couple of weeks. We'll have a 'how-to' and video in the tech tips section, and a review on the reviews page. Keep your eyes peeled.

Some sad news - Our 2007 KX250 has decided to take up smoking in a big way. Turns out it's been happening for a while, but the right-hand crank seal has now started to leak massively. What this means is the transmission oil is sucked into the engine and burnt, causing lots and lots of smoke and killing most of the bike's performance. It'll be out of action for a while, but we're planning to document the fix and post it in our technical section for anyone who's interested. Of course a new piston and rings will be going in as well, so the bike will come back stronger than ever!
IT LIVES AGAIN!!! The KX is all back together and will be run in / tested this coming weekend. Look for the 'how-to' articles over the next couple of weeks.

Big News! :
We've just launched a new line of Dirt Riders apparel. As a new special we're keeping the prices super low! Very stylish and very cool. Check it out here.

We've just reviewed a set of Blackrock tyres. Read all about them here.

We've just updated our review of the ATC-3K action camera. Read about it on our reviews page.

We're waiting on the arrival of a device designed to teach you how to wheelie without worrying about flipping your bike. We'll be videoing the results and posting it with our review - stay tuned.
UPDATE : It seems the supplier for this device scammed us! He took our money but never supplied the goods. He sells it through YouTube as the Wheelie Dogs Wheelie Bar Brake. We recommend you avoid him at all costs. We're working with another supplier to review a cheaper alternative unit that will actually be supplied when you order it!

Check out our tips for buying a seconhand bike here.

With the hotter weather, hydration is a must. We've just completed a review of a hydration pack.

We have a new action camera to test out. The Drift Innovations HD170 Stealth. We'll take it out this weekend and put it through it's paces. Stay tuned.

New footage is up from our Easter 2011 Camp out and ride. Check it out here.

We're excited to be working with a supplier to develop a Dirt Riders bike stand! The new stand will be quick and easy to use, and as a reward to our fans, will be much cheaper than most other units on the market! Stay tuned.
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