How to rebuild a KX250 motor videos
Here's a couple of videos we made to commemorate the epic rebuilding of the KX250 motor we've just completed. Have a look in the tech section for the 'how-to' articles if you wanna have a go at it yourself.

The first one is a quick run-down of how to pull the motor to bits. Our mechanic may have overdone the energy drinks a bit...
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Here is the motor all back together and back in the bike. This is actually the second start of the motor after the rebuild. We started it (3rd kick) the night before and ran it for 30 seconds, but hadn't pressed the record button on the camera (oops, my bad). So we let it sit overnight and recorded this one instead.
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Here's a how-to video on removing the flywheel. It's almost impossible to do this job without the correct puller, and they're very cheap, so we recommend you get yourself one. Read our review of this one on our Flywheel Puller Review page.
Here's a how-to video on splitting the cases. Again we used a dedicated case splitting tool, and again we recommend getting yourself one. This model is one of the cheaper units available - read our review of it on our Case Splitter Review page.
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