Dirt bike product reviews
Diadora MX4 boots
Scott goggles
Oregon Scientific ATC-3K Camera
Karcher 2.36 pressure washer
Blackrock tyre
Hydration Pack
O'Neal Switchblade Gloves
NEVR-DULL Wadding Polish
Reviews of dirt bike related products
Tusk Tools Case Splitter
Air tool reviews
All of the reviews here are based on our own experiences and opinions and each item has been personally used by us prior to our review. Please remember that they are only opinions and we don't test huge quantities of many items, so we may have received a good one, a bad one, or our standards may be higher, or lower, than yours. What works for us may not work as well for you.

We guarantee that all opinions expressed here are genuine - if we say we like something, we really do. Some of our items may have been provided to us free of charge for review purposes, but that doesn't mean we'll automatically give it a good review.

If you've got an item you'd like reviewed, drop us an email at reviews@dirtriders.info
Diadora MX4 Motocross Boots
I've had these a while, check out how they're doing.

Scott Motorsports Goggles
My goggles of choice.

Blackrock Off-road Tyres
These guys are fairly new on the Aussie dirt bike scene, so we thought we'd take 'em for a spin.

O'Neal Element Switchblade Gloves
A review of the gloves and some warnings of the perils of internet shopping.

Tusk Tools Dirt Bike Tools
Several reviews of the Tusk Tools range of dirt bike tools.
ATC-3K Helmet Camera
Can be bought cheaply, but are they worth it?

Karcher 2.36 Pressure Washer
An amazing story of a simple pressure washer.

Hydration Pack
We see if hydration packs and dirt bike riding are really compatible.

This stuff is supposed to clean up and polish all sorts of metal. Find out how it does...

Air Tools
We recently expanded our collection of tools with some new air powered tools. Read all about how they perform.
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