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Homemade dirt bike ramp
7 year old rides quad bike
Learning to wheelie video
Helmet cam set up issue
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on board crashing videos
Trail Ride and Crash
Summer 2011 videos
On Board Catwalk Wheelie
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Here are some videos of the Dirt Riders crew in action, as well as some cool videos from around the net, from screaming helmet cam runs to wheelies and sick jumps, you'll eventually see it all here. We may even chuck in the odd funny vid for a bit of a lark. Stay tuned.
Wanna see how the professionals do it?

Nice Kicker
A nice little home-built ramp. Good wholesome fun.

The Newest Dirt Rider
She rides a quad, but she rides in the dirt.

We all do it. Here's a few videos of some unusual ones...

Helmet Cam Crashes
Our riders had their helmet cameras running when things went wrong...

Summer Videos
4 videos of some of the Dirt Riders crew initiating fresh blood.

Lucky Escape
A short video of the luckiest rider I've ever seen. A must watch!

Wheelie Compilation
A bundle of trail riding wheelies in a small, convenient package.
Ummm... Anyone got a trailer?
Some people just shouldn't have a bike...

I really, really wanna Wheelie!
One of the guys starting to learn to wheelie.

Helmet Cam Stuff-Up
The importance of proper camera setup.

Two Cameras are Better Than One
Trial footage from on and off the bike at the same time.

First GoPro Ride Test
A tight and twisty trail ride (and crash) with one of our new GoPro cameras.

Easter 2011 Ride
All the action from our annual trek.

KX250 Rebuild
A couple of short videos of the recent KX250 rebuild.

Weird find in the bush
We found some weird stuff on a trail ride through the bush.

Another new Dirt Rider
Our newest member finds out the hard way that dirt is hard!
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