How To Wheelie a Dirt Bike Safely with The Correct Way


There are actually some basic guidance on how to wheelie a dirt bike. For most people, wheelie a bike is something cool and it can be considered bossy. Well, unless you are seventeen, such a thought is still applicable. However, the dirt bike world is about tricks, movements, and maneuvers, so even if you don’t intend to do it, you’d probably end up doing it too. So, it doesn’t hurt to know the basic of the movement and how you can do it correctly (and safely).

The Basic Things

What is a wheelie, anyway? It is the manner when you are lifting up the front tire of the bike so you are completely depending on the rear tire only. Doing the wheelie may seem easy and simple, but it isn’t as easy as it looks. You will need to have a good balance and you should have a good control over the bike. If the bike controls you, it won’t be good – and you can be sure that the end result will be catastrophic.

How To Wheelie a Dirt Bike
How To Wheelie a Dirt Bike

When you are about to do a wheelie, make sure that you already get the grasp of controlling your bike. If you have been riding for a while, you should already develop a sense of better control of the bike. If you are new to this, you may want to give yourself a proper time to get used to it. You want to be comfortable when riding the bike, which will affect your confidence when trying to wheelie. If you are completely new to riding the bike and yet you are trying to wheelie, it is possible that will only put yourself in a risky spot and danger. After all, attempting to do the wheelie

The Steps

You should open the throttle in a controlled manner – that’s how to wheelie a dirt bike correctly with minimal risks. The key is to find the right spot that can lift up the front wheel and then learn how to ride it without losing control. And how do you control the ride, anyway? By controlling the throttle, naturally. When you have a first attempt, it may be short-lived. But don’t lose hope because you should be to prolong the process and the attempts. Once you have a better grasp on controlling the throttle, you should be able to control the wheelie for the desired time you want.

There is an ongoing debate about which position is better: sitting down or standing up. In the attempts on learning how to wheelie a dirt bike, everyone has their own personal preference. Believe it or not, controlling the wheelie while standing up is actually easier. It gives a better position and also control. But if you are new to this, you may want to start it slowly by sitting down. Sitting down gives you a comfier feel, which leads to a better confidence.

How To Wheelie a Dirt Bike
How To Wheelie a Dirt Bike

Those who are getting used to the wheelie mostly say that they often start sitting down and once they have the feel, they start standing up as the wheelie starts. Somehow, it isn’t advisable either to stay sitting down when doing the wheelie. It’s because your position will likely on the further back (of our bike) and it can lead to looping out. When it happens, you will end up on your back, flat. When you are standing up, it gives you a better control to push yourself forward and create a better balance.

Don’t forget that performing a wheelie is about balance and control. It is about a battle between you and the machine with 200 pounds of weight. Be sure that you do it right, especially when learning how to wheelie a dirt bike if you don’t want to get hurt.


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