Dirt Bike Wheelies
Dirt Bike Wheelie
Learn to wheelie a dirt bike
Who doesn't want to be able to pull those big impressive wheelies? Remember to start small and practise a lot, cos these are definintely harder than the pro's make it look. But get it right and the chicks will flock to you (as long as you're also rich).

Great wheelies come from a mixture of balance, and excellent control of the throttle, clutch and rear brake. Make sure you are ALWAYS covering the rear brake so you can bring that front wheel back down if you start to go over backwards.

Probably the biggest hurdle when first learning wheelies is 'throttle chop' where you get a bit panicked as the front wheel lifts and you instinctively throttle back, effectively
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If things go all pear-shaped when you're pulling a wheelie, just follow this guy's example - but wear a helmet and proper protective gear!
ending your wheelie. Have a look at this video to see a good example. The only way to combat throttle chop is practise, practise, practise until you get comfortable with the feeling (although we're about to test a device that's supposed to help considerably - check back soon and we'll let you know).

Below are some instructional videos to get you started on your way to pulling monster mono's. Good luck, have fun and be safe!
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