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We're a pretty casual bunch here at dirt riders. Just a group of guys who hang out in the bush enjoying the sound of birds singing, trickling streams and 2 strokes screaming along narrow tracks. (Ok, a couple of guys have got 4 strokes but they're just not the same, right?)

We get together whenever the weather, finances and women will let us, to muck around and turn fuel into noise.
Have a look around, bookmark us and check back often, cos we're adding new stuff all the time. If there's something we can do for you, drop us an email and we'll see what we can do.

Most of all, remember the Dirt Riders creed "If you're not falling off - you're not going hard enough!!"
As part of our committment to sharing our years of experience with you, we've started a Product Review section. As we try out new gear, we'll let you know how it fairs and whether you should part with your hard-earned cash.
With years of dirt biking experience among us, we've got lots of Technical Info and dirt bike Riding Tips to share with you. Benefit from our mistakes and improve your riding enjoyment.
Keep up with the latest Dirt Riders News, play some awesome dirt bike Games or find out Places to Ride your dirt bike.
Check out our awesome dirt bike Pictures and Videos. We've got things to make you laugh and things to make you cringe, with lots in between.
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